PNC Update – Combined Service & Congregational Meeting

PNC Update – Combined Service & Congregational Meeting

It has been nearly eight months since Pastor Mike’s retirement, and even before his official retirement celebration, the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) was hard at work in search for the person God was preparing to lead FPC as our next senior pastor.

The flexibility of Pastors Kenny and Zac and the entire staff has given the congregation incredible lead time to find a candidate as expeditiously as possible. The PNC has been able to review hundreds of Personal Information Forms (PIFs), listen to scores of sermons, and interview potential candidates from across the country.

After a rigorous process, the PNC believes they have found the next senior pastor of FPC Lakeland.

To that end, at the regularly called meeting of the Session on May 28, Ann Marshall, co-chair of the PNC, moved that the elders call a Congregational Meeting for Sunday, June 30 for the purpose of voting on this call. They also moved that a joint worship service be held at 10:30 a.m. (with no 8:15 a.m. service being held that day) in the Sanctuary on that Sunday for the purpose of hearing the candidate preach. Both motions were approved. The Congregational Meeting will be held immediately following the Combined Worship Service.

Please note, only official members of FPC have a voice and vote in this process. If you have a question regarding your membership at FPC, please contact Jackie Hansen or Bev Bigelow at 863. 686.7187.

For the sake of this pastor’s current call, please note, his/her name was not presented to the Session and cannot be revealed to the congregation at this time.

Please continue to direct any questions to the PNC chairpeople – Ann Marshall or Jerre Wilson – and continue to pray for God’s guidance in the rest of this process.