Volunteers Make Impact on Youth

Volunteers Make Impact on Youth

Kristine Fagan participates in a little-known ministry. She has worked with the Phone Ministry for the last nine years.

“It’s something I can easily do,” she says, “as I volunteer during a time that I’m already at church anyway.”

Phone Ministry volunteers sit at the front reception desk and answer the phones during the Sunday services.

“I take the time to read my Bible,” she says.

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Kristine is also a yearly volunteer in VBS. “I enjoy the extra children for the week. I take it seriously and immerse myself in the theme. I try to create a sense of family within my crew. We take time to pray together.”

Kristine also volunteers with the Surrender youth group. “Brian (Morgan, Director of Student Life) asked me to work with the senior girls,” Kristine says. “We always need to learn and grow and see to mature our faith.”

“I get such encouragement from their faith walk and from what their future holds,” Kristine says. “Iron sharpens iron.”

“It is a humble honor to be doing this,” she continues. “It has been a joy. They are full of promise and hope.”

“Youth are no different from us other than their age,” she says. “We all want to learn about Jesus.”

“God brought me to this point,” she says. “It is great joy to give back for His glory.”

“Whether you have a child who is young at home or in college or are an empty-nester, you can always volunteer.”

“I have the greatest respect for those who went before me,” Kristine says. “Just stop, be still and listen to where God is calling you.”