Surrender Youth Ministry Led by Insightful Staff

Surrender Youth Ministry Led by Insightful Staff

In January’s Congregational meeting, Pastor Mike Loudon said, “We have always had excellent student life leadership, with Tim Timmes and now with Brian Morgan. Brian is doing a wonderful job with our students, helping them grow in their faith.”

Brian has been a member of FPC for six years and has attended for almost a decade. For much of the time that he has been a member, he volunteered in the youth group with Tim Timmes.


“I didn’t grow up in the church,” he says of why he volunteered his time. “I wish I had someone I respected talking to me about Jesus.”

Brian recounts being new to his faith and ferociously reading his Bible and having conversations with people about faith. One of his greatest desires is to share that passion with the students in our youth group.

“I want them to see that God is worthy of their time and devotion,” he says. “I want them to have a sound understanding of what Christianity is, to be Biblically literate.”

“Having that foundation can make them leaders on their college campuses,” he continues. “But I also want them to enjoy being here. That’s part of being in community together.”

When not here at the church, Brian is often at various high schools working with students there. He is particularly involved with the FCA group at Lakeland High.

Brian Wed

“I am grateful to the supportiveness of our leadership and for the ability to try new things,” Brian says. “The majority of our students do not come from member families. This is an outreach.”

“Our group is very welcoming to new people, and they are awesome with rolling with changes,” he continues. “We also have awesome adult volunteers. That’s huge. That makes this possible.”

“I’m not as extroverted as people think,” Brian says. “I enjoy deep conversations. I like good, intentional questions.”

Brian and his wife, Amanda, have been married for five years and have two children – Trinity, 4, and Titus, 2. They recently purchased a new home.

He describes his ideal day off as one in which he and the family take a day trip together to the beach, followed by a date night with his wife.

Brian is currently pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.