Stewardship Stories – Surrender Youth Ministries

Stewardship Stories – Surrender Youth Ministries

Many of us fondly remember childhoods spent at church summer camp. Our Surrender Student Ministry takes our youth to camp each summer, with hopes of student bonding and strengthened faith.

“This year, instead of taking the middle school students to one camp and the high school students to another camp, we all went to Big Stuf together,” says Brian Morgan, Director of Student Ministries. “I think that really helped to bring the group together as one group rather than two smaller groups.”

Of the 42 students who attended Big Stuf, seven received full or partial scholarships to assist with the cost of the camp. “Those seven students attended our programs but weren’t very plugged into our student ministry community,” Brian said. “They wouldn’t have been able to go without the scholarship help.”

“Of those seven, three gave their lives to Christ during the week we were at camp,” Brian continued. “They had the ultimate experience – giving themselves to Christ – because of the generosity of people who made those scholarship opportunities possible.”

In addition to the three dedications of faith, three more of those seven students reaffirmed their faith during the week.

“Those seven students are now attending consistently and are more plugged in,” Brian said.

The FPC congregation has supported the Surrender group in various ways. Funds are provided for two assistants – Anna and Warren – who work 10 hours per week, including discipling students. “Because of the work these two do, an additional nine students are discipled each week.”

Funds were also available to take the students to an amusement park while at the summer camp.

“Those are memories those students will keep forever,” Brian said. “And those are the experiences that bond groups of students together. I am so grateful that this church is so generous with our students.”

“Because of the way our church gives, we are able to work toward having person to person relationships with students,” Brian said. “I am so grateful that I’m a part of a congregation that places a value on student ministry and supports us so generously.”

Each gift and each commitment you give makes a difference in someone’s life.