Stewardship Stories – Children’s Ministry

Stewardship Stories – Children’s Ministry

In all the programming and all of the events of the Children’s Ministry of First Presbyterian Church, there is one underlying desire… to help the children grow in their faith.Jo Ahearn, Director of Children’s Ministry, is devoted to the children who are involved in the program, and it is her greatest hope that they all develop a deeper faith because of their time in this ministry.

Because of the generosity of the congregation, Jo and her volunteers have the resources to provide quality classes and events. “We have what we need, and we are grateful,” Jo says. “But we try to be good stewards. My volunteers and I are smart in what we spend and how we use our resources.”

Jo tells stories of how the volunteers shop resale shops for VBS decorations and of how they work to repurpose decorations from prior years. “We have such a generous congregation,” she says, “It is also important to figure out how to not spend in some places so we have money for other things that are really worthwhile.”

One of those places where Jo says the church’s generosity is on full display is in the Third Grade Bibles program. “Our students receive really wonderful, new Bibles with their names engraved on them,” she says. “They will always remember this.”

Thank you for all that you do. Each gift and each commitment you make during this Stewardship season makes a difference in the life of a child in our congregation.