PNC Update – May 17, 2019

PNC Update – May 17, 2019

The Pastor Nominating Committee continues to diligently perform its duties of reviewing prospective pastors and seeking God’s will. It will provide updates to the congregation on a consistent basis and as important developments arise.

The PNC believes it would be helpful to communicate some of the steps that must be accomplished in any pastoral search within our denomination. Key milestones in the process include (in order):

  • Identifying the pastor that the PNC would like to call/select
  • The selected pastor accepting and agreeing to terms of the call
  • Presbytery of Tampa Bay’s Committee on Ministry approving or denying the call after reviewing the selected pastor and his/her fit with our congregation
  • FPC Lakeland’s session calling a congregational meeting to vote on the new pastor
  • New pastor preaching in the service(s) the morning of the congregational meeting
  • If approved during the congregational meeting, the new pastor then gives notice to their current church that they have accepted a new call
  • A waiting period of at least one month during which the pastor wraps up their time at their present church before joining FPC Lakeland

The congregation will know that the PNC has made a decision when a congregational meeting is scheduled. The identity of the new pastor will remain anonymous until he/she arrives to preach on the weekend of the congregational meeting, primarily to prevent word of their decision reaching their present church before an official congregational vote has taken place.

Hopefully this provides some clarity as to the steps in the process. As a reminder, PNC co-chairs Jerre Wilson and Ann Marshall meet at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays in the church conference room and welcome anyone who would like to meet in-person to discuss the PNC process or ask questions.