May Pastor Nominating Committee Update

May Pastor Nominating Committee Update

The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) has been immersed in the process of praying, reading PIFs (Personal Information Forms) and evaluating candidates. 

As a reminder, your PNC consists of: Ann Marshall (co-chair), Jerre Wilson (co-chair), Terry Dennis, Laura Rodriguez, Susie Moerschbacher, Brian Neslund, Don Hubbard, Doris Lyons, and Brandt Merritt.

We have reviewed close to 200 to date, of which we have given serious consideration to seven of them. This means we have watched or listened to multiple sermons from them and discussed them during multiple meetings. For some of those, we have already conducted interviews over video conference, and we have continued the process with any who we feel God is drawing us toward. 

We receive new candidates weekly, and we will pursue those who appear to be a good fit. Please continue to lift up the PNC in prayer, that we would follow the lead of the Holy Spirit to discern God’s will for FPC Lakeland.  

Co-chairs Jerre Wilson and Ann Marshall also meet at 11 a.m. on Tuesdays in the church conference room and welcome anyone who would like to meet in-person to discuss the PNC process or ask questions.

The Pastor Nominating Committee welcomes questions or suggestions, and you can email the entire PNC at: