Get Involved to Stay Involved

Get Involved to Stay Involved


In the decade that Maryon and Jim Bramley have been members at FPC, the two have volunteered in a wide variety of areas – from ushers and greeters to serving on the Pew Pocket team and the Older Adult Ministry’s SOS committee to assisting with bereavement receptions and volunteering at the front desk.

“Staff can only do so much, and I think we should all use the gifts we have,” Maryon says. “Everyone should volunteer according to what fits them.”

Jim talks about his responsibilities on the Pew Pocket team and says, “We know we are doing something that needs to be done. Most people probably don’t think about someone actually doing those tasks.”

The team of volunteers comes in each week and makes sure that the pew pockets in the sanctuary are full and properly stocked for the upcoming Sunday.

“The balcony can be a challenge because you have to climb the stairs and you have to be looking down the entire time because of the way the pews are,” he says. “We could always use more volunteers to help us.”

On average, Jim says it takes about 30 minutes to properly stock the balcony pews and between an hour and an hour and a half to do the downstairs area of the sanctuary. Volunteers come in during the week according to their own schedule.

Maryon assists with decorations for the OAM Spirit of Service luncheons and helps with set-up and clean-up as well. “We love what Sandie is doing with OAM, but we could always use more volunteers,” Maryon says.

“We always need younger volunteers in general” Jim says. “But it’s important to highlight things that people can do during a regular time frame,” Maryon says.

She mentions things like ushering or sitting at tables in the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings. “There are so many things available to be done.”

“The more you do, the more apt you are to stay,” Maryon says. “You feel like you are doing something worthwhile.”