Organ Project Letter from Pastor Mike

Organ Project Letter from Pastor Mike

Dear Friends:

For generations we have gathered on Sundays to join our voices to sing hymns at First Presbyterian Church of Lakeland. Singing together, we offer praise to God through music. The organ provides musical support that helps us lift our voices in worship. It also accompanies our choirs and aids during times of meditation before and after worship and during the reception of the offering. The organ resonates with the fullness of human emotion, from joy to sadness, and from praise to lamentation.

It has often been said that an entire orchestra resides in the organ and can come to life with the touch of a well-trained organist, which, of course, we are blessed to have on staff. The organ pipes are uniquely designed to create a variety of sounds such as trumpets, oboes, strings, flutes, bells, chimes, and many more. Our beautiful Austin pipe organ, installed in 1994, is valued at over two million dollars and enhances Sunday services, weddings, funerals, and concerts. It is a vital part of FPC’s ministry.

The organ console (where the organist sits and plays the keys) is the “brain” of the instrument. Inside the console is a computer. On Palm Sunday of 2013 the computer inside the console (a TRS-80, an old model computer once made by Radio Shack) crashed. The people from Austin Organ Company in Hartford, CT flew down and miraculously got us up and running quickly but explained that it was imperative to replace the aging computer in the console. Since that time, the Fine Arts Committee and staff have been developing a plan to replace the console with newer technology which will permit us to enjoy the instrument’s splendor for decades to come. We are now ready to put that plan into motion and we need your help.

Please prayerfully consider a special gift to support the organ fund. You may want to give a gift in memory of a loved one, or a gift in honor of someone you love or admire. If you are moved to give to this special fund, please write “organ fund” in the memo line of your check. You may, of course, give online.

For specific details on the organ project, please feel free to contact Dr. Daniel Gordon (Director of Fine Arts Ministries at FPC), or Scott Ziegler (Organist) by phone, email, or in person. They would be thrilled to talk with you about this project.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Dr. John B. “Mike” Loudon Pastor