Small Groups

Small Groups

At First Presbyterian Church, we believe that a big part of being in a community of faith  is making connections. To that end, we offer several small groups in which you can meet people and share your lives over similar interests.  We offer Bible study classes, mission groups, meal groups, and special interest groups.

Bible Study Classes

We offer an array of Sunday School Bible Study classes for adults, children and youth. We also offer Wednesday night classes and small groups.

Our adult Bible study classes typically include:

Agape class – This class meets in Room A and is taught by Pastor Zac McGowen. For an archive of past lessons click here for audio only.

To watch the videos of the Agape Class click here.

Grace class – This class is for women only and is taught by Susie Stone. Meeting in the Parlor, these ladies study various devotional readings, Bible studies, and video-based teachings.

Joy class – This class meets in Room C and is taught by Paul Alley. The class is based on discussions of contemporary articles in relation to faithful Christian living.

Journey class – This class meets in Room D and is facilitated by Carey McMullen. It is an interactive Bible study.

Pathways Prayer Journey – In the Spring of 2017, we participated in a church-wide prayer project, including daily Bible readings, weekly class lectures and guest lectures. All of the materials associated with the Pathways project are archived on this page.

Praise class – This class meets in Room E, and they typically work through various topical studies.

PYC (Parents with Young Children) – This class meets in the Youth Hall and is facilitated by Kim Bowers. It is designed for those parents whose children are infants through fifth graders.

Mission & Special Interest Groups

Bag Ladies 

This group of volunteers clean, decorate and distribute suitcases to foster children through Heartland for Children. The suitcases give the foster children something of their own to take from place to place and are deeply appreciated. If you would like to participate in this ministry please contact M.J. Mitchell through the church office 863.686.7187.

Blood Drives

Blood Drives are held throughout the year.  Volunteers help with registration. If you would like to serve, please contact Rita Drake.

Care Notes

Booklets offering pastoral insight and inspiration are placed in convenient and visible locations around the church building. If you are interested in helping with this ministry, contact Marge Boyer or the church office (863.686.1787).

Cooks Care

The Cooks Care Team prepares meals in our kitchen that are then frozen for families in the church who are ill, have been in the hospital or have a new baby and are in need of a home cooked meal. To participate in this ministry, contact Connie Befus  at 863.686.7187.

Fine Arts 

Fine Arts volunteers serve as a family of believers bringing glory to God through music and motion. If you or your children are interested in: choir, handbells, drama, dance, or if you are a musician, please contact Director of Fine Arts Ministry, Dan Gordon at 863.686.7187 ext. 239.

Wednesday Night Serve Teams

Our Wednesday night dinners are served by a rotating team of volunteers.  We start at 4:45pm with clean up finishing by 6:00 p.m. If you would like to help serve or coordinate the serving teams, please contact Rita Drake.

Flower Power

The Flower Power Team arrange and distribute flowers (left after funerals or other events) either throughout the church to beautify the church or to take to nursing homes. Contact Connie Befus at 863.686.7187 if you are interested in serving in this ministry.

Hearing Assistance

Devices for worship services are provided in the Sanctuary.  Inoperable devices are replaced with new units. Volunteers are needed to help with this vital service provided to our hearing impaired.  If interested, please contact Bob Reed through the church office at 863.686.7187.

Prayer Ministry 

We are a congregation of prayer warriors.  We send out immediate prayer requests through an e-mail prayer chain periodically. If you would like to be included on the e-mail prayer chain, please contact Jackie Hansen at 863.686-7187 ext. 224.

Pedal Power

This ministry repairs and donates bicycles to children and adults who otherwise would not be able to afford one. This groups meets the third Saturday of the month at 9 a.m. to work on bikes. Volunteers are needed and always welcome. Contact Ted Hogan.

Prayer Shawls

Women in our church are knitting and crocheting prayer shawls to be given to people who are going through a difficult situation in their lives. The recipient is prayed for as the shawl is made. When the person wraps the shawl around themselves they will feel comforted, loved and encouraged. This is a way for us to witness that prayer makes a difference. If you would like to take part in this ministry please contact Betsy Agey, Milly Lenhart or Marilyn Leonard.

Visitation Teams

Whether early in the morning prior to surgery or during rehabilitation in Nursing Homes, our team is ready to visit. If you would like more information about becoming part of the visitation team please contact Connie Befus at 863.686.7187.