The First Words

Why a Blog

We’re starting something new. We’re creating a platform for the leaders at this church to give voice into the conversations of the day. We’re launching a blog. If you are new to blogging, “blog” is a truncated word from weblog (“web” + “log”). Our blog will be part of our church website and will provide weekly writings from church leaders, mostly the pastors.

We are calling our blog First Words, a tie-in to “First” Presbyterian. With this new blog, we add our voice to those commenting on a range of life situations, social issues, family matters, cultural shifts, global trends, and, of course, matters of faith, hope, and love in all settings from a Christian perspective. Basically, this blog is about whole-life spirituality. 

Does the world need another voice in an already saturated sea of commentators? No. However, as pastors and leaders of a church, we are already voices in a sea of commentators. We just haven’t used the blog format for communicating until now. So, what we launch now is a work to speak into the human experience that we pray is useful and faithful. Specifically, we hope you find what is written are thoughtful, measured, and inspiring words about what following Jesus means in life.

A Blog for You

We intend to write for any person who has or is seeking faith. We do not write specifically for the scholar or church leader. Others are writing for them. We know. We read and are grateful for their works. This blog is for the businessperson, student, retiree, homemaker, server, healthcare worker, and government employee who is looking for help to live well and who believes or suspects faith provides that help. If that is you, we look forward to sharing the journey of life with you. Our prayer is that what God inspires us to write here, will inspire you to live a life of humility, faith, intellect, ease of spirit, civic engagement, and along the way, have a good measure of fun. Especially with all of the stress coming out of a pandemic world, it seems all of that inspiration and goodness is sorely missing in the world today. 

A Positive Voice 

Behind the words on this blog is the same belief about God that drives our faith as Christians. We believe God is sovereign and untamed, overflowing with fierce love, on the move in this world, and intimately involved in human lives. Because we believe that, we see the world differently. In a culture that seems to embrace despair and negativity, we are much more hopeful and positive. We want to help others see it that way too. This motivates us to build a community of people who see the world the same way and are thoughtful and passionate about life and faith and God. At the local level, the work of that community of people is inspiring worship, deep friendship, and a mission to bring about positive social change.  

And So We Begin

We now begin this work and invite you to journey with us. This platform for blogging is new, so bear with us as we get started. But also feel free to share it on your own email lists or social media platforms. We will begin building a list of names who will receive these posts as they are published. If you’d like to be on that email list, please sign up using the form to the right.

And so, now, First Words has begun!  

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