Holy Week Prayer Vigil

Thursday and Friday, March 28 and 29

Begins immediately after 7 pm Maundy Thursday service

Chapel or Prayer Garden

You are invited to participate in a 24-hour prayer vigil beginning at the end of the 7 pm Maundy Thursday service through the start of the 7 pm Good Friday service. The purpose of this time is to pray for individuals, churches, communities, and other needs during the week in which God’s redemptive purposes were manifest in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The vigil will take place primarily in the Chapel, but the prayer garden will be open as well. 

Sign Up for an Hour of Prayer

We hope to have at least one person praying every hour of the vigil, including through the night. We ask you to sign up for at least one hour-long time slot. At your appointed hour, enter the chapel or garden and pray during your time. There may be others signed up at the same time. 

Come and Go as You Can

If your schedule needs to be more flexible and you cannot sign up, feel free to stop by anytime that you are available. The more people praying the better! 

Prayer Stations

To aid in prayer, we will have individual set up prayer stations. These are places for an individual to have focused prayer time by having activities or special displays.

The Kincart Prayer Garden

If you haven’t been through it yet, please stop by the Prayer Garden on the south side of the sanctuary. It is a self-guided sidewalk with descriptions of plants in the garden that are from biblical lands or stories. 

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