Stewardship Stories – Vine Modern Worship

Stewardship Stories – Vine Modern Worship

Worship is the whole-centered focus of our lives on something… anything… whatever we put at the center of our lives is what we worship. But the only proper focus of our worship is Jesus Christ. 

Each week in FPC Lakeland’s Vine modern worship experience we seek to focus our attention on who Jesus is and what he has done for us in a vibrant and authentic way. People are invited to come as they are but to leave transformed by God’s Spirit working through the music, preaching, and fellowship. We gather around God’s Word in a way that is accessible to both long-established church members and those who may have never before been in a church.

We have seen incredible growth in the last 12 months in our Vine service as many weeks more than 300 people gather for this expression of worship and deepen their relationship to God and one another. During our “BASICS” series earlier in the Fall, we celebrated the sacrament of baptism with 14 people over the course of two weeks, and hundreds more renewed their commitments to Jesus. Through the live streaming of Vine online people have been able to stay connected to FPC whether they are in the hospital or traveling, and many others have been able to “visit” FPC before joining us on Sunday. Scores of people utilize the live streaming of Vine each week to deepen their faith walk.

The faithful financial support FPC’s members and regular attenders makes it possible for us to offer the Vine as an instrument to make and mature disciples for Jesus Christ.

Pastor Zac McGowen